ON JUNE 28, 1999 AT 2:30 PM


“I am Saint Peregrine.  I have come today to alert men, women and children of all ages, all cultures, that The Father, in His Love for His Creation, mankind, the human life, has in so many ways Blessed it by understanding in the mental way the importance of certain subjects, objects, ideas.

Today as I speak to several at one time, requesting them to put into script My Words for The Divine, I smile at their obedience, because they innately know that when One of Us speaks, it is a Blessing from The Divine, usually instructing for the sake of Souls.

As time passes, the human minds of many individuals try to ignore The Creator, and use only their feelings on what they call ‘natural’ to their way of life, their understanding of morals, of their conscience regarding morals, thus truly ignoring the Magnitude of human life, because of what it was created for, created with:  a Portion of The Creator to be returned at a given time.

For some it is difficult to believe, to accept that The Creator, God Himself, would place into a human body a Portion of Himself.  Then they ask: ‘Where is It in my body?  What does It look like?’ In some cases this might be a natural question.  In some cases it is a challenge, but in some cases it is defiance, trying to not understand the Value of human life, the Protection it has within it, and the closeness it is to The Divine.

So many Revelations have been delivered through one voice, one body, for the whole world to better understand the Importance of the Creation of mankind, because in this Creation there are so many Gifts, such as intellect, understanding, the ability to like, love, or reject what is wrong.  The conscience is a tremendous Gift.  No other animal or living matter has this conscience, because the conscience immediately tells an individual if their actions, their thoughts, or their practices are in accordance to the purity in their Soul.  This is important, because it is rarely, if ever, seen in the Value it is, the Greatness it is, and what a Precious Gift of Divine Love it is.

So many Lessons, Revealings called ‘Revelations’, are available to the whole world at this time through This One Gift of Divine Love, yet We hear rejection, jealousy, even hate, regarding the Facts that are so logically Pure in Value, in Concept, in Truth.

The world has been Blessed in many ways, but human life has been ultimately Blessed, because it is the only living matter that has within it a Specific Gift of Divine Love, called ‘the Soul’.

Bible History has come down through time, and it is now as it was then, through ‘individuals’ who were gifted with the Tasks, the Responsibilities to be ‘the instruments’ of delivery that nothing else can.

Today as I speak, I speak with great Love for those close to this little one The Father uses to communicate in a Personal Way, giving mankind the opportunity to read the Words, absorb the Words, and never omit the meaning of What is spoken by One of Us, because of the Soul that every living human being is the personal custodian of.  So be it.”

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