ON APRIL 10, 2001 AT 2:24 PM


“I am Saint Peter Canisius. The little one through whom I speak is familiar with Me in some ways, for there was a time that she was educated in a place under My Name.

The world has been Blessed abundantly by the past History of what was not just acceptable or just practical in the educational fields for the young, but it had an obligation to it.  The world today feels little obligation to what is morally correct, sound, logical, valuable.  There is so little logic used in every facet of life, sometimes even in fields wherein lives are at stake.  Human beings are not using what could be termed ‘highly educated forms, formulas’.  Everything appears to be put in a manner of simplicity, or what is easier to handle in daily life.

Children are not being instructed on what is morally sound, logical, and pleasing to God.  There is far too much freedom for them to act according to their whims or their sense of humor.  Also, their attention span is not being regulated on important times, issues, values.

Today as I speak, it is with deep concern in many areas, even though men, women and children are instructed to believe they live in a great time of progress.  I ask you:  What do they mean by ‘progress’, when All of The Saints Here in the Heavens see much more laxness and looseness in morals, abusing The Father’s Will and The Commandments He gave?  The Commandments were given not just for mankind to confess their sins in an orderly way, but The Commandments were given to instruct human beings of all degrees of intellect on what The Father Willed them to understand morally, and to resist immorality.

The Commandments had much more Purpose than mankind sees Them to be.  So much diabolical interception is acceptable at this time, but human life is ignoring what it is doing to them mentally, physically.  It is destroying the Gifts of Purity that The Father Wills men, women and children to follow according to His Concept in The Commandments that He allowed a man to give a long time ago.

There are so many Lessons given through This Gift of The Father’s Love, because there is so little outside this room that is fulfilling to human life regarding why it was created, and the Goal for which it was created.  The laxness in manner, speech throughout the world is devastating, because it pleases only the enemy, and it distracts and detracts the moral values The Father instilled.

The Commandments were given to help mankind of all ages, to give to human life not just Rules to live by, but a pattern to accept as what He expects, expected, for human life to live by, to follow and to use as the Guidelines to become ‘Saints’.

It is sad for Us to see so much dedication on personal values, but each man, woman and child should ask themselves: ‘What do I value more, a moment of material happiness, or a life of returning to The Father my Soul, to live a Life beyond what can be explained?  But I know It is a Life of Glory with no pain.’ So be it.”

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