ON APRIL 22, 1996 AT 2:04 PM


“I am Saint Philip Neri.  So many times what others think is mere conversation passing through this little one to them, is Our Way of attracting attention, because by nature she would not want to alert you to her presence.

We always smile when We are told by The Father to talk, because first of all, it is a privilege as a Saint to be able to encourage mankind, instruct mankind, or just give a small Message that will enable an individual, or more, to think about the importance of what they are doing, what they are not doing.

In the Creation of human life, The Father gave to this Gift of life an Importance beyond all other living things.  The Father gave the ability to see, to understand that human life with all that it had mentally, physically, had to be destined for more than the living portion that mankind was aware of.  That is why it is so important that mankind understand that human life has a Goal, a continuation in a Living Way, because human life, as it has been Designed according to The Father’s Will, is a Gift beyond human understanding.

The words ‘to be made to the Image and Likeness of God’, are not always understood in their fullest measure.  To fully understand All that God is would be impossible, but when it is said that ‘Mankind is created in the Image and Likeness of God,’ it is because God instilled in this life important measures of mentality that give to human life, not just knowledge, but the ability to use the mentality to understand right over wrong, good over evil, truth over untruth, logic over what is illogical; also, to see reason, purpose in all areas of life, unlike all other living things.

Mankind, in its very existence, fully understands the importance of practicing his or her individual capabilities, and understanding that all human beings have a nature that makes them different in many ways than others with whom they associate, or are related to.  Also, the human will has the power of decision, choosing right over wrong, good over evil, practicality over impracticality, sound reasoning over unsound reasoning on all moral issues, physical issues, Spiritual issues; also, mankind born dependent upon those who are in charge, and yet inheriting much in looks, talents, nature, characteristics, of those who were involved in this birth.

Mankind has talents beyond any other living thing.  Mankind has an intellect that can serve many subjects, many areas of human life, also the ability to help in all other areas of creations such as animal life, flowers, and all types of plant life.  The list is endless of man’s capabilities.

Man’s structure is important, because the physical structure is able to perform many things.  One thing is that man’s hands have the ability to perform great medical feats, and endless other things that take skill, dexterity, knowledge, pleasure, and yes, many scientific things in which the hands are the active parts, most times closely associated with the mental capabilities, abilities.

What mankind truly is, is truly made to the Image and Likeness of God, because within mankind He gave physical, mental, moral, Spiritual means and ways to accomplish much.  He also gave a sensitivity to understanding, but the Greatest Gift that God gave to man was the Soul at the moment of conception.  This Soul, unseen, is evident through the moral codes of how each individual acts, thinks, projects kindnesses and delivers to others strength that nothing else can.

So Many Saints have spoken through This Gift of The Father’s Love, because The Father has Decreed This Time to be, instructing mankind to more fully understand the Importance of human life and what it is capable of doing, and the Goal for which it is intended to reach.

You live in a time where there is much moral and immoral imbalance, because there are so many men, women and children who choose what they feel is easy and more pleasurable to them, totally ignoring that the choice is against the purity that reflects in the Soul.

Mankind, through This Miracle, is being instructed in a Personal Way on the Importance of human life, why it was created, and why The Father gave to mankind His Commandments to live by, because if He had not, the enemy of God and man would automatically be able to be more corruptive to the Souls, causing the Souls to be lost to Him.

The Commandments of God must be brought to the attention of all of mankind, in spite of what any obstacle arises by those who feel superior in knowledge, and feel they have the right to reject This Miracle of Divine Love that The Father has so generously given, because so many men and women have rejected what is right, ignoring totally the Importance of why life was created, and why God gave to mankind His Commandments to live by, because of the importance They are to the Souls of every living human being.

Let Me end My Words with you this way:  There is a Heaven; make It your Goal.  There is a Purgatory; try very hard to not have to spend any time wandering the earth; by this, I mean your Soul.  There is a Hell, and the enemy of God and man is standing in every area of it, fighting all that is good, because it was he who was cast out of Heaven for many reasons.  This alone should say, ‘Protect your Soul, guard It from all things wrong, impure, unjust, evil, so that when the time comes you will be Judged by God and you will be given a Place with Him in Heaven.’  So be it.”

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