ON SEPTEMBER 23, 1999 AT 1:07 PM


“The Father uses a voice chosen by Him, not a harsh voice, not a timid voice, but a gentle voice, so the Words that pass through this voice will be clearly understood by those present, those who are putting the Words into script, and others who are just listening to the voice.

At no time in the History of human life have all human beings been perfect morally, emotionally, physically, spiritually, but each era of human life had its rules that were sound, dignified, along with some individuals who, through their selfishness, their innate habit of disloyalty, their egotism or their imbalance regarding purity over impurity, love over hate.

Today as I speak through one small voice, I speak with a sincere Love for human life, because human life is a Gift of Divine Love, a Gift not restricted like animal life, but a life of intelligence capable of learning many, many things, a life capable of physical endeavors that give strength, interest, purpose in many things.  The human mind has the ability to conquer over defeats, over poor examples, and of course, conquer when the decision has to be made, to be moral over immorality, love over hate.

Today as I speak through one small voice, The Father allows Me to bless you, those who are writing My Words, because of your love, your understanding, and your desire in This Gift of Divine Love that encourages you to be a part of One of the Greatest Gifts of Divine Love that mankind can share, and that is to serve, to become better morally, mentally, physically, spiritually, but also to be the instrument to help others who do not have the privilege of being present when One of Us speaks.

The group is small, but do not forget, so was the group that walked with The Son of The Father a very long time ago.  You walk as they walked, listening, remembering, and being a great part of sharing what you learn, what you are capable of putting into script for thousands of other individual men, women and children to learn so much of the Importance of human life, the Reason for which it was created, and of course, the Goal that should never be ignored, because it is the Reason for this Gift, it is the Reason for human life to return to The Father through the Soul each human being is born with, different than any other creation.  Mankind is destined to live Forever in a Way, in a Manner, in a Degree that nothing else has the privilege to do.

As I bless you, I bless you with the Hope, the Love, that through What you have taken down in so many ways in script, will be passed out endlessly throughout the world, because there are billions of Saints to be made from This Gift of The Father’s Love, because of What has been delivered through one small voice.  I beseech you, remember this.  So be it.”

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