ON DECEMBER 16, 1999 AT 1:23 PM


“I am Saint Robert Bellarmine.

This time in which you live is a very important time for mankind, because through so much lack of communication between those who have been instructed to know what is important for the Souls, are allowing themselves to be sidetracked by humanistic values, misinterpretations, and yes, diabolical interference.

As you live in a time conceivably worse than Sodom and Gomorrah, there is very little understanding by men of high intelligence, women of high intellectual abilities, pressing what is right, morally sound, spiritually valuable.  The reason for this is based on humanistic evaluations, and love for what is humanistically profitable, in many ways ignoring totally what human life was created for, and the necessity for human life to follow, in more ways, The Commandments of The Creator that were given to a human being a long time ago.  In many places, in many ways, The Commandments of God The Father are eliminated, never looked into, never expressed, and rarely followed.

It is difficult to speak this way, because as I speak this way I know that some who read My Words will not be able to see the Value in Them, the reason for Them, or the purpose to read Them as a personal participation that is morally sound for the benefit of his or her Soul.  There are millions of Words that can be used to express opinions, ideas, interpretations, and valuable direction, but so many times when one or more read the Words, the application of the meaning is cast aside, and they automatically adjust the meaning to their manner of thinking in how life is for them, and those who surround them, and those who they are responsible for.

As I speak These Words, I speak Them slowly, because the human mind, when reading a subject slowly, has more of a tendency to see the meaning that is meant in the Words, but a fast reader makes quick determinations, and is positive on their interpretation.

So much has been delivered through This Gift of Divine Love, because of the Importance of human life, but more importantly, that human life is the custodian of a Gift of Divine Love, obviously present because of an individual’s ability to know right from wrong, a pure act from an impure act, and what The Father Wills, from false idolatry.

Today as I speak, I speak differently, but those who walk with this little one through whom I speak, have been given the privilege to write the Words, put Them into script for others to read, to think about, and to see the Value of pertaining to their own life, because the average human life acts many times in a manner and a way impure for the Soul that he or she is the custodian of.  To some, impurity comes easy, ignoring totally the injustice that he or she is doing to the Soul that they are the custodian of.

We hear some say, ‘I never see my Soul.’ Logic is evident in the intellect that human life has a Purpose, a particular role, obviously then has a Soul, because there is a Goal to human life that nothing else living is the custodian of.

Perhaps to some I speak harshly.  Perhaps it is needed in many ways, many cases, because there is so much leniency on what is morally sound, morally good; not only leniency, a word such as ‘rejection’ is applicable in many areas of human life, because many times men, women and children act according to how they feel, or what they want to be involved in, ignoring totally that they have a responsibility to The Creator, else why would The Commandments of The Creator be so important?

As I speak today, I speak with a Great Love for the Souls of human life, and in some ways I speak with a fear regarding things that are occurring throughout the world, and that is an absolute disregard regarding that human life is the custodian of a Portion of The Creator that is to be returned to Him in Purity.

Human life should think of one thing:  There is a remark many times made in a very quick manner of thinking.  They say, ‘It is payback time.’ This remark is made more often than those who will read These Words will ever understand it to be, but nonetheless, it is important to remember every human being is gifted with Divine Love at the moment of conception, and the Intention, the Intent for this Gift is to be returned to The Father in a State of Purity.

We hear some say, ‘I’ve heard it, but it is hard to believe.’ That is an escape, that what else would human life have to look forward to if Those Words were not Fact, because the Soul is a Gift of Divine Love and The Father wants It back.  So be it.”

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