ON DECEMBER 18, 2000 AT 12:48 PM


“I am Saint Rose of Lima.

This Gift of The Father’s Love is far Greater, far more Generous than any human mind can perceive It to be.  A Blessing of This Degree is to give strength to all who will hear the Words, and all who will read Them.

To conquer weaknesses, faults, hopes, dreams, The Father has given to the world one small voice to be heard, and to be accepted as a Communication between Himself and all races, all colors, all creeds of human life, though some individuals question This Gift that is so obviously encouraging men, women and children to more fully understand the True Existence of a Supreme Power that is always in command.

There is a great sadness when those who say, ‘I believe in You, God, I want to teach others about You,’ they do not follow through.  They avoid any small sacrifice, because it interferes with their human plan.  In reality, the human mind does not always understand the importance of a Gift, whether it be material or Spiritual, because each human being develops according to their own senses, sensitivities, background, and how they accept or approach different facets available to them, facets of action, memory.

Today as I speak, it is to extend to all who will read These Words, The Father’s Love is in These Words, in All the Words that have been thus far delivered.  Each Saint speaks in a different manner, way, degree, and this is because The Father wants so much for all types of human beings, all degrees of intellect, all backgrounds, to feel the closeness of The Divine to their way of life, their necessities, their sensitivities, and the Truth for which human life was created.

As I speak to you, I speak with Love for you, because you are the custodian of more than a body, more than a mind; you have a Portion within you that is closely associated with The Divine.

Each of Us Saints Who speak could go on endlessly, but The Father has designed This Gift of Divine Love, allowing Us a certain degree of time, because of the human element that is so important to Him, and He wants each one who writes the Words, reads the Words, to find in Them His Divine Love.

As Each of Us speaks, it is so important to Us because of the Souls that each Lesson from Here is given to protect the Souls of the human lives, because the Soul is the Portion of human life that will return to The Father, representing the one in whom It was placed at the moment of conception.”

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