ON JUNE 22, 1998 AT 1:24 PM


“I am Saint Stanislaus.  This Magnificent Gift of Divine Love that allows so Many of Us to speak to mankind of all ages, cultures, creeds, is a Gift beyond what human love can possibly understand.

Man talks about phenomenon, exaggerates its existence when he or she sees the magnitude of an occurrence, a situation.  What The Father is allowing at ‘this time’ in which you live, is beyond what any phenomenon can be determined as the greatest thing that could happen.

Ask yourself when you pray:  Do you truly believe that the prayer is being heard by the One to Whom you are praying?  Though this question is simple, it is an important question, because so few truly understand the closeness that mankind has to All The Saints, because through this close Connection there is a Strength of Hope that nothing else has.

The Father has handed to mankind a Miracle of Communication, allowing so Many to speak Words of Direction, Words of Consolation, and These Words are oftentimes just looked at, but then passed over because there is no sound to the Words, yet how many individuals will read a story of their choice and remember what was expressed, what was elaborated upon, even down to the characters involved; also, many times, remembering this story in detail years later?

All that has passed through This Gift of The Father’s Love must be passed throughout the world in every language, in multiple copies.  To some this is a great challenge, but the challenge is the most worthwhile Act of Divine Love that human life can give to the whole world of mankind.

There is no material gift that can equal One Revelation of Direction by One of Us Here, because there is nothing that mankind has that is greater than the Soul that is given at the moment of his or her conception.  The Soul has been chosen to exist Forever, bearing the name of the individual in whom It is placed at the moment of conception.

Today as I speak, I speak with a deep Love for mankind, because the Gift of human life extends far beyond any other living thing or matter.  The strength in a human mind is important in daily living, but each human mind has the responsibility of understanding that the mind only remains as long as the living body exists, but the Soul goes on Forever, and the Soul, as the recipient of all that the individual practiced in his or her lifetime, will be what will live in a Form Greater than what human life is all about physically.

Many hours could be spoken, thousands of Words could be written, but What I have just given in a short span of time, considered brief in Content, is more worthwhile than if an individual was able mentally to retain a thousand volumes of any other subject.  So be it.”

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