ON MAY 23, 2002 AT 12:30 PM


“There are Several of Us present at this time.  We use the voice that is a voice of obedience to the Will of The Father.

There are so Many of Us present, too many to name, but We come at this time because of the Importance of This Gift of Communication between The Heavenly Trinity and mankind.

The Father wants so much to be instructed upon, so much to be learned, because in His Divine Love for human beings, human life, He wants What He Wills mankind to know regarding the Purpose for which He created human life, and the Gift He placed in human life, called ‘the Soul’.

There are Three of Us talking, because All that is delivered through this one small voice is not just for those who hear what We say, but the Words are to be delivered in print, up to millions of miles away.

Granted, there are many so-called ‘Books’ put into print, with many things delivered in them that were to be passed throughout the world because of the Importance of the Souls that would be the receivers of the Information that the human one writing it, or reading it, would be able to pass on to others, so that millions of human beings would understand that human life was created for a Goal.

The world has been Blessed abundantly through This Gift of Divine Love that bears the Name of The Beloved Saint Joseph.  As He was More than a Saint when He was seen as a man, it is important for this to be known, because as He was chosen to protect The Heavenly Mother and The Son that was to be born, the Stories are always simply put so they will be understood, but the indepthness in the reality of All that has occurred is beyond human understanding and words.

At this time, this year, and several years before this time, so much has been revealed regarding the Importance of human life, and that it has a Goal.  Now, this should not be difficult to understand, because in human life it is innate for individuals of all degrees of intellect to automatically reach for goals of all sorts of things:  materialistic, monetary, success in positions of authority.  The list is endless.

Needless to say, hours could be spent on delivering All there is for men, women and children to learn, and to more fully understand what a Precious Gift human life is, because within it, it has a Portion of The Creator that nothing else has.

As These Words are closed at this time, They are meant to be a constant reminder of the importance of daily living, and what is spoken by you as an individual, what is practiced by you as an individual, and the purity that you extend in your very presence.  Always remember, though others may not see you as important, you are important for how you act, what you accept, and all you do to be example because of the Soul you are the custodian of, that no other living matter or thing has the privilege to have and to use.”

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