ON APRIL 20, 2000 AT 12:57 PM


“I am Saint Thomas Aquinas.

When The Father chooses ‘a child’ of any age to walk obedient to His Will, in a manner somewhat unlike the human mind understands obedience to be, it is never an easy path or is it a path of joy.  It is always a Path of concern and deep consideration, and an obvious understanding of an in-depth Responsibility that other men, women and children cannot perceive in the form of speech.

At this time throughout the world there are many heresies, and many men, women and children ignoring them, even going so far as to adjust to them mentally, physically, spiritually.

As I speak My Words, I speak through a very tired voice but an obedient voice.  Ask yourself:  Will the next words you speak be words of great worth to a conversation on a subject that will mean or bring hope to others’ lives, or will it be a form of conversation, due to the fact that to be with others calls for communication of any dimension, any subject matter?

Today as I speak, I repeat Words that have been spoken many, many times: ‘You do live in a time worse than Sodom and Gomorrah.’ Although you can see with your eyes and hear with your ears and remember with your mind, all human beings find it easier to concentrate on what interests them, to what appeals to them, or what they are concerned about.

The Father has given to the world Himself, and through Many, Many, Many Saints, Words that describe the Importance of human life, and how it is being handled by men, women and children of all ages, mostly ignoring that human life was gifted with a Portion of The Creator that should be protected all the hours in a day, and in every way a human acts, speaks, even prays.

We find that prayer is most times the last thought to be remembered, because of so much activity, interests, and so-called ‘responsibilities’.

Today is an important day, and if all who read These Words would but remember that each day in the life of a human being is a Gift of Divine Love, with a Goal, with a Divine Purpose in mind, to be remembered as a close union with The Divine, in all actions, all thoughts, all ideas, all ideals, and of course, never forgetting that human life has a Goal Higher, Greater and more Important than any other living matter or thing on the world.

As I leave you, I sincerely pray that in some way, somehow, All that you have read coming from Where We Are will make you stop and think before you act, stop and think before you speak, stop and think before you make a commitment, always remembering that your Soul is a recipient of everything you are, you do, you feel.

As I leave you, I want you to know, All of The Saints Here in the Heavens request to speak through This Gift of The Father’s Love, because of the Importance of human life and its Goal.  So be it.”

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