ON MAY 8, 2001 AT 12:47 PM


“There are Several of Us present.  It is The Father’s Will that All of The Saints Here in the Heavens partake in This Gift of His Divine Love for millions of Souls that are to one day be returned to Him in a State of Glory.

This, to mankind, is not understandable, because it is difficult for human beings of all ages to fully comprehend that human life was created for a Goal, the Goal different than human life is accustomed to.  The Goal, of course, is for the Soul.

We hear some ask, ‘What is a Soul?’ A Soul is a Portion of The Creator, unlike any other thing that mankind can relate to, but nonetheless, the Soul is given at the moment of conception to every human being.

If, in the womb, the infant dies, the Soul is returned immediately to from Where It came.  If the infant arrives at the point wherein it becomes a normal living Gift of Divine Love, called ‘human being’, the Soul then, as It remains within this human being, the Soul is a Caretaker, responsible for many things; and the one in whom the Soul is, for everything that individual does, the Soul is accountable for it.

That is why it is important for human beings of all ages to understand, that the Soul that they do not see, cannot feel, because It is a Portion of The Creator, is in many ways, the Greatest Gift The Father could give to any living matter or thing, because the Soul, as a Portion of The Creator, oftentimes saves the life of the individual in unknown circumstances.

There is so much more to be talked about on this Living Gift of Divine Love, difficult even for some so-called ‘theologians’ to fully understand, but nonetheless, the Soul is an Important Factor in the life of every human being.

I know to some My Words will not seem clearly spoken, because they have to accept what they cannot see, cannot feel, but the Soul is Real.  Think of this:  Can you touch The Father?  Can you touch The Holy Spirit?  Can you touch The Heavenly Queen?  No.  So if this Soul is a Portion of The Creator, then is it not realistic that you cannot physically feel the Presence?  But the Soul is more than just a Gift.  It is a Portion of Divine Love, separating human life from all animal life, and giving to human life a Goal.  Even the smallest intellectual human being innately feels that human life is different than anything else, different than a bug, different than an animal.

That is why it is so important for children, at a very young age, to be instructed that as a human being, they are Special and have responsibilities.  Responsibilities are to protect a Certain Portion of themselves they cannot see, cannot feel.  The Father, The Creator, gives This Portion of Himself to every living human being, to be returned to Him, bearing the name of the one in whom It was placed at the moment of his or her conception.

That is why it was important at one time for The Rules for life to be put into script, so that human beings would have the abilities to know and to recognize what would be pure in thought, words, deeds, actions; also, what would be honest, what would be truthful, and of course, justice has a very important place in this whole situation of how a human being was given so much more than any other living matter or thing.

We hear some individuals talk about highly educated individuals.  It does not take the type of education that mankind assumes to make them Special.  It takes Faith in The Creator.  It takes love for the privilege of becoming a human being, having a Goal Higher than any other thing.

So much has been given through This Gift of Divine Love, to enlighten the minds of millions of men, women and children, on not just the duties of human life, but the Importance of human life, because it has a Goal to return to The Father, the Soul, bearing their name.  The Glory is indescribable, the Divine Love impossible to comprehend, but the Logic is evident, because through the Divine Gift of the mind of mankind, the intellect is able to discern right from wrong, good from evil, love from hate, and yes, the Logic of a Creator that is Far Greater in Concept, in Ability, in Reality, than man.  So be it.”

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