ON MAY 30, 2001 AT 12:50 PM


“There are Many of Us present, perhaps too numerous to mention.

In the beginning of human life it was not as it is now.  The beginning was much different, and it took stages of time for life to proceed in degrees that made life what it was to be knowledgeable in certain things, also in certain habits, to give life strength and understanding that life was different than any other thing.

As We speak through one voice at this time in your lives, We All smile, because the little one whose voice you hear, and whose Words that We say are put into script, has to listen intently, but the Words are not as you know words to be in her ears.  There is no sound, only instilling into her mental and physical being.

There have been many periods of human life wherein progress was seen.  You have reached a time where mankind feels is an ultimate goal for many things, but mankind must understand that the Importance of human life is within man; It is called ‘a Soul’.  The Soul is a Portion of The Creator, never seen, but definitely in each human life created.

Many of Us surround this little one through whom We All speak.  We are ever present, because of the Importance of This Gift of The Father’s Love for the Souls that must be returned Saints.  The word ‘Saint’ in the beginning of time was not evident to human minds, but it took much, many instructions to instill into the human mind of human life that there was a Purpose, a Goal, a way of understanding that ‘this particular creation’ was Special, Important, and had a Goal.

To go back and speak about all of the things that occurred would not be necessary to do, because there would be too many individuals putting too much emphasis on what had occurred.

The Important Reason for This Gift of Divine Love, bearing the Name of The Beloved Saint Joseph, is to strengthen in each mind of human life, the Purpose and Goal for which human life was originally created.

Needless to say, volumes of the written word could not cover every facet of the stages that human life has endured, but today as the Words flow through one voice, it is important that This Gift that the world has now, This Gift of Instruction of intentionally helping mankind of all ages understand that human life has a Goal, because within human life The Creator of All Things places, and has always placed a Portion difficult for the human mind to comprehend, but nonetheless, factual.  The Creator, in His Love for this creation, to share All He Was and Is, gave to human life a Gift that, in reality, has a Goal for All Eternity.

I could speak hours on this subject, but it is important at this time that one step be looked at and seen in Its Greatness, Its Divine Love, and Its Connection between The Divine and human life, that gives to human life more Purpose than the human mind can fathom to be.

As We close Our Words, it is important that as you live each day in the human way, never forget that you are the custodian of a Portion of The Creator of All Things, and you know It to be called ‘a Soul’.  So be it.”

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