ON APRIL 5, 2002 AT 12:58 PM


“Yes, there are Several of Us present at this time because of the Greatness of This Gift of The Divine.  All The Saints in Heaven want to share in delivering to men, women and children, the importance of caring about being a human being, why it was created, and the Goal for the Soul that awaits them There.

Today as I speak, I speak with deep Love for human life, but also remembering the time that We spent amidst human life.  Yes, there were many things, many occurrences, many decisions that we had to make:  decisions to practice, to partake in, or to use in certain areas of life.  Granted, we were fully aware of the importance of purity for the Soul, but oftentimes the enemy of The Father, and of course, of ours, tried to dissuade us to think in a different form, degree, on a subject that was not quite pure in every way.

It is sad to All of Us Here in the Heavens when We hear individuals of all ages choose what is pleasing to them at the moment, ignoring the full concept of what they are about to be involved in, partake in, or accept for their body, for their mind, or for their Soul.

The Father has Decreed, through This Gift of His Divine Love, that All that was to be delivered through one small voice, would be seen throughout the world, and even heard, because the Words would be repeated verbally, loudly, once They were seen for the Greatness They were meant to be seen as, and for the Greatness They were given through one voice, for millions of lives of human beings who would not have the ability to imagine such Love, such Care on their own way and time.

As I close the Words, I remind all who will read Them, ‘Remember, within you, you are the custodian of a Portion of The Creator that you are to return to Him, in the Purity and the Love It was given at the moment of your conception.’ So be it.”

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