ON SEPTEMBER 4, 2002 AT 12:44 PM


“There are Several of Us present, due to the fact that the little one We All use is beyond what man terms ‘exhaustion’.

In so many ways, All that has been delivered, instructing all ages of human life, is being ignored, even being used by some in the wrong way, not just questioning what It is, how It is spoken, but questioning the validity of the Importance of Who delivers All the Words, the Instructions, and The Divine Love.

At this moment, there are thousands of human beings that need All that has been spoken and is being spoken through This Gift that is more Precious to human life than the human mind can understand It to be.

Children are not being informed about why they were created, and the Beauty of this Gift of Divine Love; also, the Importance of what the Goal is that can be, and will be attained because of how they lived their life.  Morality is the basis for all actions of human life.  Spirituality is the closest connection a human being can have to The Divine.

The world has been Blessed abundantly by millions of Words that have been delivered through This Gift of Divine Love.  All Words were not written, put into script.  Many Words were just openly spoken, appearing like all other forms of communication, thus covering much Information needed to instill, to encourage the importance of human communication as many times being the foundation for communication with The Divine.  True, one body has been given the Responsibilities that ordinarily would have taken thousands of human beings to accomplish.

It is important that All that has been thus far delivered over a period of time, be cast on the waters of the oceans, so those who are not around where you are, will be able to read What The Father Wills all of human life to know. ‘One place’ has been gifted with a Gift beyond human understanding, but that should not deny It to travel in faraway places.

As I close My Words, I want you to remember:  As you want all the good in life to come your way, there can be no Greater Blessing to be part of than The Miracle of Divine Love you have today.”

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