ON MAY 27, 2003 AT 12:37 PM


“I am Saint Anna Maria Goretti.  I smile as I begin to talk to you, because I ask the one who will speak to request an answer from all of you about Me.

As I reach you today through one small voice, I know that All I will speak will be put into script for many, many others to read.  The Beauty, the Privilege it is when you become announced ‘a Saint’, it gives You the Strength for the Purpose for which you were created, and the Strength to carry on for The Creator, because of the Importance human life is and the Beauty for which it is gifted with, after the physical no longer exists.

I know I speak differently, but to serve The Creator is a Blessing beyond what can be described.  It is far more in-depth, and also, a Greater Gift than the human mind can perceive It to be.  The Words that could be used are so numerous in count that I could speak hours on end, on trying to encourage human beings of all ages to reach for the Goal of Sainthood, because it is a Privilege, an Honor, and a Way of representing how you walked the path of humanism.

Our Heavenly Mother smiles when a Saint is proclaimed, because within the Heavens there is a communication different than what the human way is, but I must add:  In the human manner of living, the desire to be successful should be earned in a very loving way; also, it should be constantly seen as a Goal Greater than any human goal that can be reached.

Children are not being instructed on the Importance of human life, or are they being told that one day they can become ‘a Saint’.

Today as I speak, I thank The Father for all who helped Me along the way, because in the very natural act that one human being expects of another, it is not always seen in its full importance or its purpose.  That is why The Father, in His Love for human life, has allowed so Many of Us new Saints Here in the Heavens to speak, sometimes in very short Words, but to draw the attention to the Fact that there is a Goal to reach for every human being, not those supposedly favored by others in charge.

But I beseech you to each night as you bid the day that you walked in your way, do not forget to thank The Creator for blessing you with the day, but also with your ability to make the day one closer because of your actions, your thoughts, your participations with others that you were good example to, and hopefully that you left them with a brighter, greater outlook on the Importance of being a human being, and remembering the Goal:  Sainthood.”

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