ON AUGUST 20, 2004 AT 12:38 PM


“I am Saint Peter Canisius.  It is a privilege for Me to speak through This Gift, because some time ago this little one went to a school — she attended several grades in it — that bore My Name.  She would talk to Me, and she would ask Me to help her because she did not want to make a mistake.  Many of Us Saints Here in the Heavens now know her record for being concerned over a mistake.

We All smile at this little one, because the Gift that The Father has implanted into her mentality, and her willingness to speak, is a Gift beyond what the nature of human beings can perceive It to be.  Her quiet nature allows this to happen.  We All smile at this, because sometimes even We have to encourage her to say the Words she will feel but not hear, she will sense but not hear, and she will understand to be the Words We Will to others, for others to know, to share, and to use in the right capacity.

In ‘The Sign of The Cross’, many who practice it every day, do not say it in the correct manner.  They use their hand or even just their mind, but they ignore the Sacredness of The Divine.  Do not forget, when you say the words, ‘In the Name of The Father,’ you are not just asking Him to be with you, you are saluting Him in a human way, that you recognize He is The Creator of All Things; and when you lay your hand on your breast, your chest, remember, you speak to The Son Who one day was created to be a Great Portion of This Holy One; and then, when you cross from one shoulder to the next, you ask the Blessing of The Holy Spirit to help you, to give you strength, and to remember you in ways that only The Holy Spirit can see the importance of what you think, do and say.

So, as I close These Words, I say to you: ‘You are so gifted by just knowing that when you raise your hand to your head, you call on The Father and He hears you and wants to know what you are about to say; you put your hand on your chest, you call on The Son Who walked the earth and suffered much for everyone; and then, as you cross from one shoulder to the next, you call upon The Holy Spirit; and you have the privilege to remember that wherever you are, you can always make this Sign to Them, and They will see it and hear it.  Amen.’”

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