ON SEPTEMBER 7, 2004 AT 12:31 PM


“I am your Heavenly Father.

I have given to the world a small body, never innately argumentative on any subject, but an advocate of reasonability, especially when it is based on My Love for human life. The little one I use listens for My Presence daily.  Hours do not enter the picture of how she waits.  She is upset now for What I have spoken.  I smile at this, because her love for Me is beyond what she even understands her love to be.

You live in a time as most times in the History of human life, wherein the mentalities of all ages cater to what they feel comfortable with, or necessary to express to others.

The human mind was designed for many things, other than to just see with, because the human eye has the ability to sense others’ feelings, others’ appearance, others’ conditions of how they act, how they understand what is being spoken.  The list is endless, but I have come to speak today on another subject.

You live in a time like other times in the History of human life, a time wherein there is much confusion on what to believe, what to accept, what to follow, what to practice, what to share with others mentally, morally, physically, even psychologically.

In the Creation of human life, it was to share the Magnificence of All there is to share, because the word ‘Heaven’ has more of an in-depth meaning than It is seen to have, felt to have.

Human life was created in a loving manner and way, because human life gave the chance to share so many facets of so many things that would give to human life knowledge, more understanding, and the ability to see value in temperament, in belief, in hope, and even in chastisement.

Human life is so much more than it is understood to be, because it was designed to share All there is in The Divine with human beings, because within each human being The Creator has placed and always places a Portion of What The Creator is All About.  It is a Living Matter, indiscernible, yet Exists through every human being.

I could speak endlessly on this subject.  There is so much that has not been revealed in such a Personal Conception of The Divine Love that is the Foundation for human life.  That is why it is so important for all of human life, every one born, to realize that there is a Future to human life.  The Father put a Portion of Himself into this Creation, called It ‘a Soul’.

Thousands of pages could be written on All the Reasonabilities and the Divine Love that was in what would be called ‘the Full Measure of Divine Love’ that is beyond what It can be spoken to be.

I could speak endlessly on this subject, but today I have just opened a small door to The Divine Thinking and Abilities.”

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