ON NOVEMBER 4, 2004 AT 12:16 PM


“I am your Heavenly Father.

Many times We speak to this little one We use, based on her, at one time or another, passing on What We speak about, allowing It to sound as It is coming from her.  She has questioned this for a very long time, but We do it to be able to let others see that Our Presence is a continuous thing, and Our Desire for others to learn at a given moment, something that will aid them, give them courage, or allow them to see the value of the Words that they use in front of others who ordinarily would not hear the subject matter in that context, concept.

The memory to human life is a Gift beyond what it is seen to be, because in it there is always the chance that an important statement, fact, or point of discernment can be readily used for an incident, a condition, a situation, or someone’s conversation on a subject matter that would not be ordinary and have rules.

So much is important to the human mentality, because it is a guideline to many things that physically will occur.  It is sad when We see that so little logic or rational thinking sees the human mind as a Gift of Divine Love.  It is one of the greatest Gifts, because the mentality in many ways has the strength and the power to be able to address important facts at many times.

As I close These Words, you must know that there is much to the human mentality, there is much to the human ability to speak, and there is a great help through the human eyes that are often dismissed as not important, not worthy of any attention.

As I close I say, ‘In the design of human life, all things were considered.  Remember this.’”

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