ON NOVEMBER 10, 2004 AT 12:30 PM


“I am your Heavenly Father.

My Presence is continuous through this little one I use to deliver My Love in an open, Personal Way.

I smile at My next Words, because They will make a Statement that you may not have heard before.

My Fatherly Love for human beings of all ages is Above and Beyond what a human being can perceive It to be, because My Love is Divine, and there are so many reasons why human lives are able to see, to feel the Presence of The Divine; first of all, through how an individual thinks:  Is it moral or is it immoral?  Is it pure or is it impure?  Is it just or is it unjust?

In the Creation of human life, there were so many Gifts instilled, giving to human mentalities many abilities to be able to perceive what would be correct, what would be wrong, what would be feasible for their conditions in how they lived over what would be wrong for their Souls.

I speak differently at this time, but I felt it was time to use These Words, because it is important that every human being understand that there are different ways, means; also, right and wrong, pure and impure, just and unjust thoughts, words, deeds, practices, that human beings are exposed to every day, some more than others.

I speak this way today because of My Deep Love for human life.  It is important that All that is delivered be cast out amongst thousands or even millions of people, because even though there is a conscious understanding normal to human lives of what is right, what is wrong, what is pure, what is impure, what is just over what is unjust, there are still many errors, or I should say, a lack of concern for what is best for the Soul for an individual to take part in, or speak in, or practice a method, a means of communication with others like themselves.

I could speak hours on end on this important subject, because the Souls of so many men, women and children become threatened by how the body, the mind of the individual are, in whom They are a Living Source of Divine Love.

Today is an important day like all days, but What I have just spoken, I beseech all who take It in print and who will read It, to remember one important thing:  Human beings have been given the privilege to speak, to act, and to make decisions on how they will use every day of their life in everything they do and speak, and they are accountable for this.

As I close, I close with much Love for human life, and I am fully aware of how important the human mentality is to everyone born to this manner of life, to one day return to Where I am.”

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