ON NOVEMBER 16, 2004 AT 11:37 AM


“I am your Heavenly Father.

I am always so pleased when you lean upon Me to give you the strength to fulfill What I Will you to do for the Souls of millions of human beings.

Some might say millions do not pass her way.  I smile at this, because though they do not or are not physically seen, many times they speak about where they received Me and alert others near them to be able to understand that I, The Creator, am never real far away.

Today as I speak, I speak with much Love from The Holy Trinity.  There are so many men, women and children who do not see the Worth, the Importance of the Divine Love that is available for them to choose, reminding them that each time they receive The Holy Eucharist, It is a Closeness that nothing else could be.

I will close My Words because the little one is straining to fulfill What I Will others to know.  This is always a pleasure to see.  Dependence of this nature is a Gift greater than it is seen to be.”

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