ON NOVEMBER 23, 2004 AT 3:20 PM


“There is much misunderstanding to this little one I use in many ways to promote amongst others of all ages, My Love, My Hope, My Concern for the Soul they are the custodian of that bears Who I Am, What I Am.

Just as a long time ago there was no need for the hurt that was done by individuals who felt that they could use a Cross to such a length for so much suffering to be practiced, logic would say that those who crucified Him did not become Saints for this act of treason, but also this act that bore with it jealousy, weakness and hate.

I speak this way on this day for My Words to be read another day, to awaken the mentalities of so-called ‘learned’ individuals to value and/or evaluate if they acted in a pure state.

To be a victim of human beings destroys many things in many ways.  It can never be heard about or seen to justify wrongdoings.

I will close My Words, but I have given Them to remind those who will read Them that it is important to practice what is morally correct, and never use any other fact or reason to reduce what you practice, making it evil in many ways.

As I close I remind you, you are never alone.  Divine Love has designed it this way, because of the Souls that are victims of all an individual thinks, says and does.  Remember this.”

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