ON DECEMBER 16, 2004 AT 11:53 AM


“I am your Heavenly Father.

I have given to the world an obvious Act of My Divine Love, using one small voice to transmit, to deliver, and to give Hope according to Divine Will, thus encouraging all ages who read My Words to more fully understand the consistent, constant Wording that applies to every human being able to hear It, to feel It, to sense It.

Though My Way is different than It is expected to be, My Way is given with Divine Love, Blessed by The Holy Trinity.

So many times when I see others read the Words I deliver, they do not always understand how close I am to their way of living.  The Power of Divine Love is Greater than It is seen to be, because men, women and children find that they are more entitled to what they feel is their manner of living, thus ignoring that My Presence is evident continuously to them in ways they do not want to see.

I will close at this time, because I could go on endlessly.  My Love for human life is evident every moment of every day.  My Presence is never eliminated from some form, some manner, some degree, some way.

I close with a Blessing.  It is a Symbol, Fact of Love.  Remember, the Gift of human life is a Gift of Divine Way, and the Soul of every human being waits for My Words to give strength to the one in whom They are every day, in every way.”

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