ON JANUARY 14, 2005 AT 11:20 AM


“I am your Heavenly Father.

The little one I use for many things, does not want others to know the strength it takes to persevere and to deliver Messages of What I desire others to know, thus using Many Saints to deliver the Words I Will them to understand the importance of.

I smile when I say My next Words.  I have given to the world My Personal Communication through one small voice that continuously accepts What I Will others to sense, to understand, and to be proud of morally, mentally.

I speak differently, but I take this time to remind those yet in the human life how close I am to them.  My Divine Love never diminishes in My Love for the human way that I created to one day return to Me and be called ‘a Saint’.

As communication is important in the manner and way of human lives, I beseech you:  never forget I am available whenever you wish to speak.

I love this Creation of Mine and I have instilled into it many Gifts, allowing communication in several ways:  morally, mentally, physically, psychologically.

My Love is Greater than It is understood to be.  Please remember this.  I love human life because it has so many attributes to allow a closeness that nothing else has.  Please remember this.”

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