ON JANUARY 21, 2005 AT 12:10 PM


“I am your Heavenly Father.

Those who yearn to walk a path, a way for Me, must understand that their willingness is not always pleasing to them once I hand them the Grace to proceed.

I speak through a voice who has walked My Way more years than she understands to be.  As a child she was different, and those close to her knew it, saw it, and oftentimes revealed it to others close to them.

When I use an individual to fulfill My Will for the Souls of sometimes millions of human beings, I, too, am hurt by the manner I have to use, also the means; but Souls to Me are so Important, because in the Creation of Them, They are help to Me.

Many individuals say, when they say ‘The Sign of The Cross’, they know there is Existence of Three; so, the next time you cross yourself and you say ‘In the Name of The Father,’ do not forget, there are Others you must also mention, because in reality We are Three; so when you say ‘In The Name of The Father,’ and then you go to your chest and you say, ‘I include You,’ — My Son — ‘because You are The Son of The Creator of All Things,’ and then when you go to the left and then to the right of your body, you are admitting and committing recognition, but also service to The Holy Three.

I speak through a small voice, but I have used this voice for many years, since she was created in a place where I knew they would support her and the way she would walk, different than others, but honest, truthful about what she would say, what she would speak, even as a child growing, to one day be able to be with you at this time, thus helping Souls throughout the world to return to The Divine.

I could speak hours, but her small body is close to collapse.  I promise her I will give her the strength needed for the next request I will ask.”

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