ON MARCH 23, 2005 AT 1:03 PM


“I am Saint Michael The Archangel.

Perhaps it would not be expected of most that I would speak, but I assure you The Father, in His Divine Love, honors Many of Us with the privileges that would not be adjusted to an acceptance by those in the living state, the human state.

Today as I speak, it is on a subject matter that is different than you would expect of Me.

There are so many things The Father Wills those in the living state to understand more indepthly, so they can associate in a more personal way, what The Father Wills them to follow correctly.

Sometimes, even when a condition is clearly stated, it is not accepted in its full measure of cooperation or ability to guide an individual in the human facts, or conditions of human way of living.

I say These Words, because there is so little understood about the communication that human beings have, and how the conditions they live in are not always feasible for them.

I will close These Words, because there is much more I would like to speak about, and even reiterate on things that were spoken a long time ago, because communication between human beings is a very important rule in life, but do not forget, how the wording is delivered can mean different things in how it is meant.

So, as I close These Words, I beseech those who take Them and those who will read Them:  when you desire to make an important point, be sure you are aware of its full meaning and the reason for it, because the meaning may be different to all who hear it.  Remember this.”

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