ON APRIL 29, 1987


“Men fear earthquakes, tornadoes, hurricanes, typhoons, bombs, and many other destructive, frightening happenings.  I gave the world My Rules, My Commandments to live by, for them to be guided for the good in all things.  There is no danger when a man, woman or child obeys My Rules.  There is greater danger in the disobedience of These Rules, because of the Importance of each man’s, woman’s and child’s Soul.

I do not abandon children of all ages, of any age, of any color, any creed, any nature, any personality.  I am not a God of abandonment.  I am a God of Truth, Hope, Love and Justice.  I am a God that wants all children to know Me, to love Me, to serve Me, and to be with Me for All Eternity.

I have Blessed mankind with a Special Blessing, a Soul, a Portion of Me.  This Concept of Truth is many times difficult for some of My children to conceive, to fathom, to believe, that is, of course, in the full manner in which I have given this Portion of Me.

Throughout the world men struggle to be safe from dangers, earthly and humanly.  I have, through time, told mankind of the great dangers of entrapment they subject themselves to in walking into the briar patches where satan and demons lurk.  So many feel they will not be tempted, corrupted or even touched by what is in the briar patches.  The very fact they have entered into such a place says ‘they tempt’ what is in there to catch them.

I have come to the world through what I have named and I call ‘The Miracle Of Saint Joseph’, for as I have given to the world His True and Full Identity, other than what men have known Him to be, accepted Him as, and have found strength in the Model Role He displayed, He Is A Portion Of Me.

Men talk of their mentality, their abilities, capabilities, talents, and their zealous attempts to be successful in the world.  Man has intellect and man has a will.  To some men success means one thing, to other men something else.  The greatest success any man, woman or child can obtain or attain, is the Salvation of his or her own Soul.

I have come to the world through This Great Miracle, to encourage mankind to not just follow My Commands, My Rules, but to see each one in the degree I meant it to be, for through the obedience to These Rules of Mine, mankind will one day be Here with Me.

There are so many Mysteries that I have not allowed mankind to yet know.  I am, through This Great Miracle, delivering to mankind a Mystery of Great Importance to the whole world.

Mankind has been Blessed by the Revelation regarding The One all men call ‘Joseph’, but I, your Father say, ‘Now be more aware and be fully understanding of the Importance of The Holy Trinity, and how I once allowed not only The Second Person of The Blessed Trinity to be Example and Teacher to mankind for the benefit of Christianity, but to also send that Part of Me to be the Strength behind this Role of The Second Person of The Blessed Holy Trinity.’  So be it.”

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