ON SEPTEMBER 15, 1969 AT 12:25 PM

9-15-1969 AT 12:25 P.M.

“My beloved daughters, the child says to Me, ‘Oh, dear Lady, who would believe You would come to me?’ And I smile and I say, ‘You, My daughter.’

Purity is for someone else; decency of dress, a thing of the past; the Rosary, a disturbing prayer; love of God, for those who need it.  All these things, My daughters, must change.

I appear around the world to different chosen Souls in a manner different than the one to this child — God’s Way, God’s Reasons, God’s Power.  The sin brought on by neglect, by self-love and by a lack of perseverance in prayer, is not only sad for Me, but for man.  It will lead him in the opposite direction of God.  What a terrible thing, My daughters, to reject His Love for self-love.

The child with whom you sit works for God selflessly.  She worries for all Souls and tries desperately not to show it.  She has been stripped of many things for Him Who Is, and each time He took a part of her that was difficult for her to give up, We smiled in the Heavens and said, ‘More Glory for this gift than the last.’ What a difficult struggle pursued each time her Father asked for a relinquishment dear to her.

As I stand in the Heavens, surrounded by All Beauty, I cannot bear to have any child give It up for selfishness, contentment of the moment and self-love.  My, what a chance the child takes.  The Purgatory you hear of is all sadness, no joy.  Concentrate on developing a more permanent path to God, so that by your acts, your example, many will follow.  What better way to teach others of God?

I leave you for a moment so that These Words will be read by you, and you will desire with all your heart to put Them into practice for Me.

I bless you from the Heavens, I bless you with My Love, I bless you in a way no man can bless you, and I bless you as a Mother blesses a child who pleases Her.”

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