ON OCTOBER 1, 1969 AT 1:55 PM


“Sacrifice for Me.  Teach others to love Me.  Tell them of My Love for them.  Whisper the Name of Our Lady to each Soul who comes before you, and tell them of Joseph, My Beloved Son.

The clergy must become aware of My Way and My Desires.  Man must stop trying to approach Me mathematically, scientifically, cagily, and with distrust.

When I formed them in the body of woman, I carried out the plan I first designed a long time ago.  I left nothing out that I did not want the child to be.  I gave most ears to hear My Words, eyes to see things with that I had also created, and a mouth to teach others about Me.  I gave them limbs to serve Me, to walk to Me.  I gave them emotions to be sensitive in many ways with.  I gave them knowledge to use for the betterment of man.  I gave them a will to perform with; and above all these things, I gave them a Soul, My Constant Means of Communication with them.  It is through this Soul I speak to them.  I gave them a Guardian, the One Who tries desperately to hold together the Soul with the body.  I forgot nothing, and yet man says he doesn’t need Me.  Such false thinking, such a negative approach to the real Purpose of life.

My Love is so Great that no man could come near to Its Extent.  The family tree I built out of My Love for My little ones, started in a small way and then grew, and through the time from the beginning, there were times I was forced to trim a limb before full contamination cut the whole tree down.  The time now is close for The Father to decide on a positive act in this direction.  A bad child must be corrected.  A diseased tree must be helped.

Take All you have learned and tell others of It.  Do not be overly cautious, overly concerned with their reaction.  It would be best to allow them the chance to remove themselves from the diseased limb, than it would to allow them to stay on it without some advice, some help.

I need not go on now.  We have wearied the child tremendously.  It is only the beginning.  We have come in Full Force today, but there will be days The Force will be much greater.  So be it.”

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