ON OCTOBER 23, 1969 AT 2:10 PM


“And now, My beloved daughters, you have come upon the sight of a broken Heart, but let Me say this, ‘It did not break of Its own accord.  It broke through the act of man, through the deliberate attempt to shut out My Way, My Life, My Love.’

Man pretends to have good in mind when he performs an act satisfactory to himself.  Man is abundant in excuses when self-pleasure is evident to him.  It is easy for man to say: ‘I did it because I was weak.  I did it because I felt at the time it was necessary.  I did it because I did not want others to ridicule me.  I did it because I did not want to appear different than other men.’

Oh, My children, be different, be strong, forget weakness, forget self-love.  Cherish what you are.  Cherish what you have.  Cherish your way of life if it is good.  Be example.  Stop worrying about other men.  They do not care about you.  They are so filled with self-love, self-pity, they do not care what happens to you.  They look at you and they say: ‘What can this person give me?  What pleasure can I get from them?  What emotion, what sensual satisfaction can I derive from them?’

Man uses man, and The Father stands in the Heavens and says: ‘Grow in My Way, not satan’s.  Grow in My Love, forget thyself.  Let Me direct you.  Let Me guide each step you take.  Mine is a True Love, Everlasting and Perfect.’

Oh, My children, weigh the direction like this:  If any part of it is all for yourself, wipe it out.  If it directs you to God, leads you to prayer and makes you think of self-sacrifice in His Way, it is good.

Teach men this and say to them: ‘He has spoken These Words; heed Them.  He loves you.  Know this, and do not betray His Love with the nothingness of yourself.  He could wipe you out in the flash of a light but His Love is too Genuine, too Great, too Magnificent, too Full, to do such a thing to a child who is trying to be one with Him.’

Remember the sword, remember the death; but, most of all, remember the life that can be yours when you survive the death of man.  If you but knew how little, how insignificant the death of man is in reality, you would say, ‘Take me now, my God,’ but God has not allowed you to realize this for many reasons; first, for your own protection.

You see, My children, the real life, the beginning, awaits you in a Glory no man can know, but God says to you, ‘Live the physical life for Me in goodness and love, so you can enjoy a life with Me forever.’  So be it.”

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