ON OCTOBER 24, 1969 AT 2:15 PM


“The sacrifice by children of God, given for advancement of others in a Spiritual life, is Blessed by God, and Grace-giving in a way no child can understand it.

There are many men throughout the world who stand as Christ once stood — teacher, consoler, director, and these men often fail to give many children what the children need, not because of lack of desire, not because of lack of knowledge, but because of lack of patience, tolerance, tranquillity and love of God.  They treat Him in a natural way whereas He is only the Supernatural Way.  They become so engrossed in the physical that they do not let the Spiritual remain in control.

God alone must be served and the number who serve Him in the ultimate way are but a few.  He sends the Flames of His Heart to all men, hoping that these Flames will set them on fire with His Love and with love for Him.  A few feel the burning desire of this Love, but there are so many who, upon feeling It, rationalize It and treat It as a natural thing, so consequently tend to dismiss the fullness of It for the physical effects they feel more drawn to.

Oh, My children, I could stand in the Heavens and show a brilliant sign to all men that would make them stop and see My Power, but I cannot do this now.  My Love is too Great.  I do not wish to frighten My children into loving Me.  Instead, I have chosen one of them, through whom I will give My Words direct.

I know that there are many men now who could not believe this way, but I expect many, many, many to not only believe, but to follow through with the Suggestions I present through her.  Remember, I have been known in the past to do things in a different manner than man’s way of doing them.  I intend to continue My Way of difference in man’s way.

Settle your thinking and look into These Words.  They are Mine.  Hers would be more gentle, happier, and yes, misleading.  So be it.”

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