ON JANUARY 5, 1970 AT 11:10 AM


“I am Saint Michael.  I come in the Name of Jesus and I say to you, ‘These Words you have been writing, as the Revelations were given, will be known by all men.’ The Purpose for These Words is Divine.  The Purpose of The Miracle, Divine.

The time has come for all men to recognize the Magnitude of The Father, the Beauty of Sainthood, the Purpose of life.  It is time for man to stop playing games.  It is time for man to begin to shout God’s Words instead of the make-believe image they all seem to carry of the Head of All Creation.

I am prepared to stomp out evil, no matter how great it is.  Remember, too, that as you fight in the right direction, the Mercy of God, the Justness of God, the Purpose of God, the Love of God, the Mightiness of God, the Beauty of God, is on your side.  He asks so little but He asks all men to do it.  He says: ‘Form a chain of love.  Be children in love.  It is a Command and I demand you obey it.’  So be it.”

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