ON JANUARY 9, 1970 AT 8:10 PM


“Stand in a row and gather ten men in back of you.  Turn to the man directly in back and say to him this: ‘I have said the “Ave Maria” today, have you?’ You will be shocked at the amount who will say ‘No.’ You will also be in wonder at how many will say, ‘What is the “Ave Maria”?’ Ask this man to turn again and repeat the question.  By the time the last row of men give their answers, you would be amazed, I hope disturbed, at the amount who would say, ‘I have not said it for some time.’ You would be more shocked at the amount of men who would tell you they did not care to say it.  Please, My children, it is the prayer I hold dear and the one that pays Me much Honor, for I am The Mother of All.

If, at this moment, each man in the world were to turn to Me in an act of love and offer to Me the Rosary, you would not be able to describe the peace man would feel, nor the happiness that would abound in the world.

I am truly speaking through this child, for it is important for all to love Me soon.  If this Revelation were given on the top of a mountain for all to hear, some would doubt the validity of It.  The place would not make It more truthful than here.  It is the Will of God that I now speak.

I am happy with those who desire to please Me in this act of love to Me.  It is time for the world to be taught.  It is time for the world to awaken.  It is time for the world to recognize the Power of God.  It is time for the world to love only Him.  It is time for the world to ignore His enemy, and it is time for the world to come to Me.

The Miracle of Joseph will flourish.  God has deigned It to be.  As He uses this child, He uses you, and I say: ‘To please The Father, pray to Me.  To please Him more, go to His Son.  To save the world, pray the Rosary.  To love more, seek Me and go to The Beloved Saint, Saint Joseph.’

There is much to be taught.  There is much to be said.  There is much love to be shown.  Do it now.  Don’t wait, and do not settle for a small amount.  So be it.”

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