ON FEBRUARY 2, 1970 AT 11:45 AM


“My beloved children, all over the world there are groups meeting to perpetuate the Words of God.  One man is singled out to direct the others.  He oftentimes forgets the tremendous needs of those who do not gather in the group.  By forgetting, I mean he does not tend to seek them out, for if they do not come forward of their own will, he tends to let them stray in many ways.

At this moment I wish to say to these men: ‘The flock of children are Mine.  They are yours to teach and to tell of Me.  Remember to send out Apostles like the ones I had, men who walked in the same way as those you know.  Gather them around you and teach them firmly, truthfully, sincerely, honestly, lovingly, for they will be the ones who can gather the strays.’

All men need Me.  All men must return to Me.  All men must seek My Way.  It is the Way of The Divine and a Way in which all men will reach Eternal Happiness.

Do not demand the will to bend right now, for I don’t.  I desire it, I want it, I need it, but I, in My Deep Love for My children, say to them this: ‘Take one step in My direction.  Learn more of the Beauty of My Way, for in It you will find contentment, peace, joy and everlasting happiness.  And as you take each step, go forward, for the happiness you will find in setting forth in My Way will cause you to walk stronger, more courageous, and happy.’

The Heavenly Court is ready to help all men who deliver My Words.  I put no limit on the gain that can be yours, nor the degree of reward.  It is open to your growth in My Way.  You have come upon Whom I Am.  I am your Lord, your Master, your Love.  So be it.”

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