ON FEBRUARY 11, 1970 AT 11:25 AM


“The last time you kneeled in prayer, what did you feel, My children?  Did you kneel because of a need or a personal request, or for satisfaction, or was it because of love of Me?  I could answer this question for you in a personal way but I want you to think strongly on your motives, and if your motives are not what you think they should be, please, go over them and perform the next kneeling with love and devotion, care and understanding for Me.

My daughter asks: ‘What is sacrifice?  Where has it disappeared to, and why are we not warned of the beauty of it, the purpose of it, the truth of it and the love God has for it?’

Your Creator, The Heavenly Father, Who was also My Father, showed each man the truth of sacrifice, the need for sacrifice, the purpose for sacrifice, through My Crucifixion.

Those of you here who find it difficult to believe that it is truly I speaking, I say to you this: ‘Wash away your doubts and replace them with sacrifice for Me.’  So be it, My loved ones, for now.”

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