ON MARCH 4, 1970 AT 10:00 AM


“Holiness:  you can obtain It.  Many things you perform in the way of daily living can lead you to Holiness, My daughters:  the act of rising and offering the day, the acts of love you perform in each way, the meals you make to nourish those whom God has given for awhile, for you to send them on their way.

The daily hours can be full of prayerful moments and acts of love if you will but say to Him, ‘I offer this to You, my God, for all my sins.’ Never does He say, ‘No thank you,’ but smiles and says, ‘Yes, child, I return My Love in Graces for your thoughtfulness just now.’

Your daily way of sacrifice, of walking to the Altar to share in all the Love He has so you will never falter, and when you return to your abode, please say, ‘My love I want to grow today’; the first step to Holiness.  Remember this, My daughters.

When you feel criticism for others, remember, it’s nothing new, but it can accomplish no act of love, for its feelings are not true.  Instead, be kind and generous and ask Me what I’d do.  You find your way is different and your thoughts more beautiful too.

Never be ashamed to say: ‘My day I’ve given to God.  I’m striving so to make it good, for He is at my side.’ Remember, daughters, that My Love was What created you.  Do not try to walk alone, the hazards would be great, the turmoil much for you.

At any time when you feel doubt or too much satisfaction, remember this is just the time to watch out for satan’s actions.  When I speak, I speak of Love, My Words are True and Firm.  Don’t listen when the words say this:  the love you feel must first be you.  These words, and the practice of them, will eliminate for you the Holiness, the Sanctity, the Sight of Heaven too.

I favor you, My children, with These Words today.  I ask each one of you to kneel more and to pray.  This act of humility will cause you time to listen.  You’ll feel the Gift of Holiness within your heart from listening.

Our Lady says to add One Word.  I smile and say to Her, ‘One Word, My Lady?’ She says, ‘The Rosary, My Son.’ Tell others to perform this act and lead others to follow through.  Don’t hesitate in saying it; it will bring peace and Holiness to you.”

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