ON MARCH 10, 1970 AT 12:00 PM


“A signal of Love from Heaven, a child is born to man.  A signal of Love from Heaven, a child is chosen to save man.  An instrument of God was born for all men to hear the Way, to learn the Words, the Prophecy, the Lighting of the Way.  A Gift of Love is used to show the Merit of the Power that God relays through other men to help other men return.  A Gift of Love to every man, a signal of the Power, the way to God in the way of man, to the Heavens Above him.

My little ones, I’ve given you many, many Things:  a Church, a Prayer, a Rosary, and the Mass above all things.  You sometimes neglect to say the Prayers I’ve offered you, the Rosary is sometimes pushed to the back of you, the invitation to the Mass is a daily one for you.  How many times have you ignored My Lovely Gifts to you?

When you awaken on the morrow, remember all these things.  Remember all the signals of My Love for thee, and at the end of day, when you look back on it, make a note of all the things that you did forfeit.  My Way of Love is simple, easy for all men.  Do not begrudge the hours spent in prayer for Him.

The total number in the day is far too many, child, for all the earthly pleasures that you feel so worthwhile.  Remember that a small part of every day you have could be dedicated to the things My Love did let you have:  the Holy Mass, the Rosary, a Prayer of love to Me, a dedication of the day to help other Souls be free.  I do not say, ‘Your whole day, child,’ but I do say to you, ‘Let one hour once a day be dedicated to Me.’ As time goes on you’ll grow in love, and more hours you will want to give in preparation for the day that you will be totally His.

The Kingdom of the Heavens is All Beauty to be seen, for all the children that God loves who have walked the way to Him.  Don’t ever think that it’s too late to rectify the errors, but remember, when you wake, the time is yours to cherish.

I leave you now with this Thought and I ask you to remember the Tone of voice, the Love It had, and the Direction you can render, for in My Way there is All Love, Perfection; and remember, your Soul I love, your life I love, for it was I Who rendered it to you, My little ones, in time when I knew it was just right for you to begin the climb.  I love you from the Heavens for I am The Divine.”

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