ON MARCH 12, 1970 AT 8:00 PM


“I am Saint John Vianney.  There are Many of Us Here Who are ready to speak to you tonight, so, My children, have no fear.

When I walked the earth as man, I walked in love for God.  I realized the Beauty of the Heavens Up Above.  I had many bouts with satan, and sometimes my body felt the aches and pains, the weariness, of love.  Man says, ‘If it is true love, it has to be all beauty,’ but to experience the truth of love, children must learn to sacrifice the little things, do penance for the big, offer prayers for direction, and to trust in only things that pertain to God alone; and nowhere must they submit to satan’s whims or devilish pranks by evil things.

Do not become so placid in your daily way of life that you think if you don’t worry that there will be no strife.  Do not become so disconnected from the Purpose of life that you forget to sacrifice, do penance, and perform those acts of love that cause you a growth in love of God and the real life.

I listened often to many men, some who could not believe the True Existence of the God Who made every one of them.  They would try so hard to rationalize the birth and way of man, they distorted all the Beauty of the Divine Plan.  They covered weakness with weakness and then they made excuses, ridicule.  Yes, My children, difficult for them.  I worked each day to help them, to release them from the bonds that they themselves had bound themselves with because of all self-love.

These Words are meant to make you think, and it’s necessary to stop and think and listen to the wise.  Please, My children, don’t forget to practice sacrifice and penance, and say more prayers to God.

I leave this child to bless you all, for I was a Man of God.  I walked the way in Priesthood with the Power of God.  I raise My hand up to your head and ask The Father of All to help you understand the way to Here Up Above.  I lower it and ask The Son to remind you of His Example, guide you in the way of man and help you walk the path He did.  I cross your shoulders one to another, and ask The Holy Ghost to lead you to the Way of God, and love you for the way you are and for the way you must walk.

I close My hand in the sign of prayer, with the fingers pointed upward.  I ask each and every one of you to follow this example.  Do not be ashamed, My children, to show all other men, when you march before them in the Church to the railing to receive the God Who loves you, Who gives you courage, strength.  The hands mean much, for they are a sign of Honor and Reverence for the act of loving God for now and ever after.

I love you, children, you are God’s.  Remember All I have said.”

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