ON MARCH 30, 1970 AT 10:40 PM


“I teach you tonight to climb a ladder.  As the child suggested, you stand first and get a good grip.  This support is your Spiritual strength, stronger than a physical strength, and yet more vulnerable in many ways.  At the top of the ladder, the Goal of Sainthood.  The first rung on the ladder is tomorrow.  Before you approach the second rung, you must put both feet on the first one, stand solid, and prepare to move.

You are beginning to approach a second rung.  The growth in prayer, the acts of love you learned to perform, the walking to the Table, gave you the strength to lift yourself up to the second rung.  The climb becomes more difficult for the strain is beginning to show.  More strength is needed to pull yourself to the third rung on the ladder.  You can make it, but it will take perseverance, discipline, obedience.  If you continue, you will find the height of the ladder will give you a thrill of accomplishment that nothing else can.

All children find a ladder amusing.  They find that they can perform many tricks on the physical ladder that bring them joy, excitement and challenge.  The Spiritual Ladder is more exciting, has a purpose, more challenge, and so much satisfaction.  Begin the ladder tomorrow, the Spiritual One, that is; and report to Me your daily growth in My Way.

I am The Son of God; difficult to believe, My children, but truthful.  It is the Love of The Father in Which I come to you.  So be it for now.”

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