ON APRIL 10, 1970 AT 11:40 AM


“Bend forward in reverence, but be sure as you do this the knee is also bent to God.  The elimination of prayer is sadness to God, for God says: ‘You replace prayer with a material gain.  This is not justness on your part, for when I gave you life it was My Gift to you; and when the life is through, I am ready to hand you another Gift Far Greater than anything you have experienced thus far.’

I say to you and all children, ‘I give Eternal Life for small acts of love you can perform as man in daily living.’ You scream for physical strength and I say to you, ‘What good will it do your Soul?’ and you say, ‘It will bring me happiness.’ My child, My children, you weigh happiness wrongly.  True happiness is to be with Me, so do not put too much emphasis on things that cannot last.  Give all things to Me so that the Radiance and the Beauty of your Soul will brighten the Heavens and glisten for other men to see.  So much to be done by you, My little ones, so little time for the magnitude of the work.

The Sign of The Cross must be more evident to all men each day.  Women must begin to wear it around the throat.  Men must begin to display it openly in the home, in the work, for all men to see.  It is becoming a hidden object, and I say to you this: ‘Hide the Cross and you hide Me.  Hide Me and satan will reign in many areas, for man will be too preoccupied with sin to remember Me.’

My enemy will not win, but it will be My children who will be brought further away from Me because of sin, that is disturbing to Me.  I offer Love, I offer Hope, I offer Happiness Forever.  His favors are shallow, momentary, and in many ways, ugly, and never last.  They go on and on, and each one becomes more devastating, more corrupt, and brings only unhappiness, sadness, displeasure, gloom, and in many ways, hate.

Let other children see this Revelation.  One will see It and wake to the truth.  Another will see It and It will stimulate love.  Another will see It; It will cause them to be a Saint.  Another will see It, and It will make them work to drive satan out of their life and others who they know and love.  My Words are Powerful and the Direction is All Strength.  I come through the child to save other children.  I am Jesus.  So be it.”

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