ON APRIL 13, 1970 AT 11:15 AM


“I am The Queen of the Heavens, the Title given to Me by The Father Who did ask Me to walk My Way for Him.  In turn, He asks all children to pray the Beads of Love, the Rosary, to Me.  I ask you, daughters, to have one evident in your home for other men to see.  Let children know you favor Me with My Rosary.

I ask you, too, to denounce the dress worn by many women, for in each one who does this, there is much offense.  Be beautiful, but in My Way, and teach the little ones not to follow the sin of man, but only love of Me.  The Father stands and says to all: ‘Your creation was My Gift.  Do not betray its beauty with the sins of the flesh.  The time has come and all men must bow their heads to Me, must offer up much sacrifice, and penance must be done.’

The Beauty that is yours to see is Here awaiting you.  Begin today and every day with the Sacrament of Truth, and then I add, My little ones, to hold the Rosary and walk the Beads of Love directly to Me.  So be it for now.”

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