ON MAY 25, 1970 AT 10:45 AM


“My daughters, I am Saint Francis of Assisi, and I come to you in a way of Love unknown to man.  I come to tell you some of God’s Plan.  The Miracle of Joseph is at hand.  You partake in God’s Plan:  the spreading of His Name, the spreading of His Love, the spreading of the knowledge you have regarding His Obedience to God as man.

If every child would practice obedience to The Father, they’d be so busy listening for direction that many things that occur would cause them no bother.  It’s not a trick to walk this way but constant desire, for when you learn to walk this way, your heart will be on fire, a love that nothing else can give, and one in which you’ll feel more need to love Him more, to grow with Him more, to be subservient to His Divine Plan.

The children in My Presence who feel a need for something, but have no idea what it is, I say to you, ‘Do not be presumptive and think that what you lack belongs only to the physical that you do have, but you can grow in love with God in a degree beyond your knowing.’ No better goal to have in mind than the degree of loving.

When you were born you had a will, and through the time of years it has developed your thinking and the actions you hold dear, but somewhere in this will you have, there’s a secret yearning for Someone you have not seen yet, but that you’re aware of.  You know that it will be your will that will cause you to pray more, to perform acts of love for others.

Remember, too, that the physical is your walk to Sainthood.  It would be smart, My children, to think of how you walk and what causes you to detour.  No better time than now to stop, go over all the things that cause you any detour.  Eliminate them, one by one, so that one day will come and you will say to God The Father, ‘I think I’ve conquered one,’ and He will smile and say: ‘There’s more that you have conquered in My Way.  I’ll show you now what courage you displayed.’

Keep this in mind and take your faults and eliminate them each day.  It can be done.  I walked the road, I know what must be made.  Be kind to others, strict with yourself.  Be loving to others, don’t love yourself.  Be generous with others, be firm with yourself.  Project God’s Love to all, but have it within yourself.

I leave you now, but with My Blessing, and I do say to you, ‘Do not only listen but begin to prepare the way for you.’”

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