ON MAY 26, 1970 AT 10:30 AM


“I am Saint Anne, the Mother of Mary.  As I stand in the Heavens I am alerted to many mothers who walk a precarious way, for they do not realize that selfishness can tear them away from the truth of the way that they must walk, in the beauty of motherhood God gave to each one.  It is sad to see so many women turn from the duties that are expected to be.

In the time I lived, we had problems too, but there was much consciousness of what we must do.  The daily act of living with the chores and the problems were as difficult then as the ones of the day, but too few children now turn to pray, for they feel they can solve things in a different way.  Not so.  It was not then, it is not now.  No man is this self-sufficient.  Only The Father knows all things and is prepared to act in a moment’s decision.

If you children here would encourage others to seek help in prayer, there would be fewer problems.  For decisions to be made, prayers should be said.  For judgments to be made, prayers are needed ahead.  The Justness of God is far beyond yours, and so many children are judged harsher than they should be in the realm of the world, who feels adequate as He.

The children you know, of younger years, need kindness, direction, and yes, many prayers.  We hear many mothers say, ‘But they don’t listen.’ We say, ‘Nor do you, for you have not knelt to pray in a long time.’ It’s the only way, the Rosary of Love, the prayers devoted to Her; call on The Father, to The Trinity and Her.  So many Souls could be helped by these prayers but so many children are too busy to hear.

Give Rosaries as presents.  Give them quite often.  Give them the directions so they’ll have no excuses to not say the prayers.  Encourage the men to think of Her often, to go to Her as a Mother, for that’s what She is.  My Daughter, Mary, The Mother of Jesus, is now The Mother of all men.

I say this with Love, I say it with Knowledge, I say to you from Heaven Above, ‘So many Blessings when you walk in truth.’ You feel so much love when you call for direction.  Love God so much that He’s in all your thoughts for He is The Father, and all you know, He’s taught.  Walk often to Him in His House of Love.  Talk to Him there, for your visits He loves.  Every child that you meet will feel Him in you.  You’ll give them strength for He’ll radiate from you.  I bless you right now with the Cross of His Love, the Cross that did say, ‘My Blood is shed for My Love.’”

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