ON JUNE 22, 1970 AT 3:25 PM


“My sons, I rest My Right Hand on your shoulder, on your right shoulder, to be exact; and I stand to the left of you, which shows you I encircle you with My Arm.  This is Protection, My sons, it is Love.  Remember this position when decision must be made.  Don’t make it yourself; look to Me, ask My Advice, and I will be there.  When you entertain the wrong decision, don’t make it.  It could be detrimental, hazardous in many ways.

On this day, on the morrow, on the next and thereafter, begin the day as if a new chapter were about to take place.  Begin it well, begin it right.  Be open with your thought, but above all things, have Me in mind.  Make The Sign of The Cross and make it well.  Call on Me.  I am your Father, One of Three.

My sons, do not waste the moments of the day in idleness, in laxness and only in play, but fill the time, use the energy I gave, to give you the Direction and the Purpose of My Way.  The sadness I behold when so many sons do stray is, they did not ask My Help on decisions that day.  Each day you live is Mine.  Each word you say, think first, and know that I am present, and think, ‘Would I say this in front of Him or would I want Him not to hear the words I so frivolously display?’

When you walk into a door or you walk on certain streets, remember, I am with you.  Are you proud of where you are or do you feel a pang of guilt?  Think well, My sons, and guide yourselves by My Presence every day.  You’ll walk much stronger, happier, and feel more worthwhile every day.  Do not ignore Me for I’m there and never will I leave.

So many men feel that if they do not call on Me they are free to do as they please, so they decide it’s easier to be without Me.  If I allowed you one glimpse of Hell, the shock would make you ill.  If I allowed you the stench of Hell, you could not stand the smell.  I gave you senses and I did say, ‘Enjoy them,’ but I also said, ‘Be good, trust Me and return to Me.’

My sons, I could speak much.  Let your youth, My present first, be spent in growing in My Way.  It will save you from much hurt.  If you were to see a baby step from the curb into the way of a car, you’d jump to her, for you would not want her to be hurt.  Is this not so?  How many times I’ve pushed your shoulder from just such a hurt.  So, if I’ve done it all along and am fully ready to continue on, would it not be wise then, My sons, to be one with what you know is truth, what you know is good, what you know is Love from Me to you?  So be it.”

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