ON AUGUST 28, 1970 AT 11:20 AM


“My children, My love, I set before you life, in a small form, but with Magnificent Purpose.  From the moment of conception I am there, guarding and guiding the physical growth to the height of perfection.  I include all things necessary to sustain the physical.  I give the child a Soul, a Guardian Angel, a will, and I whisper many things to each child.  I whisper My Love.  You call it Faith.  I whisper Direction that the child must take.

Through the hours of living, in growing, other men use their wills to train, to teach, to direct, to guide, to guard, to instill thinking that they have come upon, through others such as you.  When man speaks of life, he oftentimes omits the Purpose of the physical way and he dwells on the physical needs, desires, likes, dislikes, weaknesses.  He becomes so confused, so involved with the way his will feels that he eliminates the Will of God, the Power of God, the Purpose that God has for the creation of man.

More men must begin to stand up My Way.  More men must become so totally in trust of What I want, What I say, that they will face all issues My Way.

Many Teachings are being given through this child, My Way.  I direct Them All.  I give Many Myself, each day.  One sentence I now say must be passed on to others, to convey My Way: ‘Stop catering to your weaknesses, to your pride, to your self-love, and grow in obedience, humility, and love for God above all things.’

I close My Words with a Blessing.  I bless you in the Name of My Father, Who is also your Father.  I bless you in My Name.  I bless you in the Name of The Gift of Light, The Holy Ghost.  So be it.”

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