ON NOVEMBER 24, 1970 AT 2:35 PM


“My children, on a high level, picture Crowns studded with jewels, shining with power, God’s Power.  On a Level beneath It, picture Halos glowing with a light, God’s Light.  Now picture yourself.  Which will you wear, the Halo or the Crown, when you come Here?

As you were born, it was My Love.  As you live, it is My Love, and as you leave the earth, it will be with My Love.  I ask you personally to take each day and live it My Way.  If I were among you now, in the physical form as you, but you knowing Who I was, how would you be?  Would you be good?  Would you be bad?  Would you be conscious of the Purpose of your life, and how would you react to temptation?

Oh, My children, I am as present to you each day as I would be in a physical way.  So never feel you are alone, for you are not.  You are flesh.  I made it so, and in the making I did not allow you to be alone.  I gave you a Soul along with the body, and then I gave you a Guardian to help and to guide you.  I made you to My Image and to My Likeness.

You have come upon Whom I Am, far beyond your knowledge, but it is true.  I am The Father of you.  On the morrow, reach for the Halo or Crown, but, do not try to reach It alone for I will be around to help you in every way, if you will but ask Me.

I gave the world My Son to be as you, to walk and run and to lead other men to Where I am, in the Kingdom, in the Realm unknown to men, but all men are aware of My Existence in some form or other, for they know there is an Ultimate Being that began time and began all things.

You are Mine and I want each of you to return to Me because you want to.  Make each day a step forward but make it a step of truth in My Way, for you must acknowledge Who I Am and Everything I say.  My Son and The Holy Ghost will help you along the way.  Our Blessed Lady, Whom I love, loves you in Her Motherly Way.  My Son, Joseph, Who fathered My Son in the human way, also loves you My Way.  Take your Heavenly Family and understand the truth They stand in Where I am.

I bless you with My Love for It is One Alone, and I beckon every one to choose the Crown or the Halo.”

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