ON JANUARY 7, 1971 AT 3:20 PM


“Take a box and place your doubts in it.  Now, take another box and place your truths in it.  Now, take another box and place your fears in it.  Now, another box, and place your talents in it.  Now, take another box and place your aim in it.  Life is not this way.  There is no separation so complete as categorizing these things.  As you are man they are mingled within you, so you must be wise enough to develop them, to conquer them individually, but with all your facilities; for, to conquer some takes the others, to develop some takes combined strength.

Your physical life cannot be separated from your Spiritual life.  These two are intermingled.  Remember this at all times.  One is the means to the other and the other is the strength to the means.

Please, My daughters, look at yourselves in truth and accept the beauty of you, but be aware that nothing is separate in you; but, be more aware of the needs of the Spiritual way, the Spiritual you.  Use your will to grow in God’s Way.  Use your will to serve, in all ways, His Will.  As you learn from other men, remember to sift the truth from the untruth that you hear.  Remember to sift the good from the bad and use all things equal to steer you in God’s Plan.

The physical life, as you know it to be, is complicated, for many things enter to make up these three:  the mental, the physical, the Spiritual.  As you walk among men, be constantly aware that what you project is example for Here.  What others see radiate from thee should be only Me.

I love you, My children, and as I bless you with the Crucifix, I ask you to keep in mind The Trinity: in The Name of The Father, in The Name of The Son, in The Name of The Holy Ghost, as One.”

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