ON JANUARY 26, 1971 AT 10:25 AM


“Heaven is Here for you.  What are you going to do, refuse It, deny It, make excuses not to try It, or are you going to work for It?  You know it is your will that will decide it.  I walk as a Saint and I walked as man one day, so I speak with knowledge that you have the chance, the privilege, the opportunity to come Here one day.

Oh, My daughters, do not deny yourselves the Beauty that is Here.  I know how you think, I know how you feel, I know how you sometimes limit yourselves in growing in God’s Way.  I know, for I, too, once walked your way.  In the marriage state, I was.  In the motherly state, I was.  In the religious state, I also was.  I am referred to as Saint Rita.

Please, My daughters, let the past be past; the present, available to you now, used in a precise way, a loving way, a humble way, a growing way for God.  Accept for yourselves, acts of sacrifice, penance.  Keep the habits you have directed to God.  Eliminate the habits that only express self-love.  I do not say, ‘Don’t be you,’ but I say, ‘Grow in love and improve you.’

Dedicate more time to The Holy One, serving Him, talking to Him through prayer of your own.  Look to The Holy Eucharist in the Beauty It is, in the solid form of The Father that It is, and accept It with love.  It is Food for all men.

Speak to Our Lady after you have been obedient to Her Will, to Her Way, by saying the Holy Rosary each day.  The more you say, the more help you give to others who now cannot pray.  You recognize obedience as a beautiful thing.  Remember, My daughters, you too, must be example of this.  Our Lady has asked in each Vision of Hers that children say special prayers to Her; the Rosary, Her Choice among all the others, so do not ignore this.

My little ones, be aware of the Realm beyond yours and understand that it is a Special Realm you must take part in fully one day.  As I speak I say Each Word with the Power of God.  It is His Wish, Each Word, so remember to pay much attention to the Direction for you.

I bless you with His Love, with His Beauty, and I say to you, ‘Have Faith, My little ones, and it is your duty to reach for Heaven and work for It through acts of love, through prayers.’  So be it for now.”

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