ON FEBRUARY 3, 1971 AT 10:15 AM


“The Lessons I have just taught were to secure your knowledge and love for God.

As we walked the earth with The Son of The Heavenly Father and the earthly Father, we recognized the physical life as the means to a future, full life.  We saw in Him Example, Truth, Trust, Love, but all these things were for a Divine Being, a Being on a Higher Level than we knew.  Many things He said were simple, almost trivial, but Profound in Their depth of meaning.

As we walked, you walk, listening to the Teaching, the Guiding, the Counseling.  Our Advice to all men is to open your hearts, open your minds, and allow your will to express The Divine, to live in hope, to live in love, to live in trust.

The material way you have, we had.  You have invention but we had comparable other things, to allow us diversion of time, to allow us time-consuming environment.  As we walked with The Holy One we played games, tricks, and had fun.  We were men and we knew that the time would be, He would stop us and we would listen to the Words He would decree.  We waited anxiously, for His Teaching was one alone.  Sometimes we would wander off as we walked the road, but always to return, ready to listen to the Divine Plan.

Our love grew, our need grew, our trust grew, our Faith grew, our way grew, and we, in our human way, wanted to please God in a Divine Way.  Nowhere did He make us understand.  We used our wills to understand.  Nowhere did He force His Plan, but His Example as man gave us the desire, the interest, to follow What He said, to see The Father at the Head, to exercise our will to do the Will of The Father.

We often wondered why He was sad.  We did not know that our weaknesses and those of other men, would cause Him horrible pain in the Divine Plan.  We accepted eagerly and without question, the Beauty He taught.  When He was solemn, we noticed it, we reacted to it, but I cannot say we shared it.  Our weakness was to persevere in our own way.  He knew our love and its depth.  He knew our capacity and its amount.  He knew our abilities and where He would, one day, use them among men.

All through time these actions have been repeated again and again.  All through time men have disappointed Him for lack of trust, lack of strength, lack of courage, lack of love, in His Way.  I say these things to help you understand that you must walk as man, but be aware of God’s Plan; and use your will to be example to other men.

I am Saint Peter, and I speak in firmness today for I want all men to see My Words that must help them to follow this way.  I add another Word, ‘Pray.’ I bless you from Where I am, and as I raise My hand, the Blessing I give is to every man.  Listen to God’s Plan.  So be it.”

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