ON MARCH 5, 1971 AT 12:00 PM


“As I once walked, gathering men, today I gather more.  I am among them, teaching truth.  You, My sons, I have gathered at a time unbeknownst to you.  You did not see My Hand over you, touching you.  You did not feel a jump of your heart.  You did not get a letter in the mail.  You did not get a call as you would term a call, but My Way is different when I call a man to walk with Me, to share My Love with The Father.  If I gathered My chosen children in a group, you might be surprised at how few.  You might be alarmed for the amount of work that was to be done by you.

I want you, and those as you, to cherish The Holy Eucharist, of Which I Am.  I want mankind to know that as they receive the Body and the Blood of Me, We are One, and they are fused with The Divine.  The more they partake in this Form of Me, the more strength will be there, the more love will be Here, the more understanding they will know, the more self-discipline will be given them.

Man does not know what this truly means, the combining of The Divine with the human means.  Man takes it for granted, sometimes even as a lark.  I enter the body and I speak, but sometimes the children are so easily distracted, so busy with earthly means, measures, actions, permissiveness, that they do not hear My Words, My Love.  They go about as though nothing occurred.  This Must Stop.

You, My son, are to show these Words to the beloved Man of God so he will know what I want taught to mankind.  Oh, My sons, the Beauty that is given each day, in a moment, is far beyond man’s knowledge, dreams, hopes, schemes, thoughts, needs.

I have given man all things to live by, to live with, to live for, to live in.  Why does he search other ways, other means?  They are false, they will only drag him down to the abyss of evil schemes.  Man’s ego, man’s pride, man’s envy are disastrous to him, for he places so much emphasis on them.  To be great among men is no disgrace, and I do not say, ‘Ignore this way,’ but I say, ‘Use it to lead man My Way’; but so few follow this pace.

Our Heavenly Mother has appeared to mankind — Gentle, Sweet, Firm, Loving, Kind — gently teaching them, telling them, warning them what to do, what would be best for them.  They ignore the Visions of Truth.  The Visions are fought by eager men who feel they know how Heaven will act.  I could stomp them out, wipe them away, but My Love is patient, tolerant, waiting for them to change.

The Rosary must be said.  It is a weapon that man should stand up to, with, for, using it with love for The Heavenly Queen, The Mother of All.  Churches must recognize the power in it, the beauty of it, the dignity it is, the reason for it, the need it serves.  The Father listens gently to The Heavenly Queen.  She pleads with Him constantly, ‘Please, My Father, be patient with them.  They will change, their wills will turn, they are just men.’ It is Her Love, Her Desire, Her Wish, that makes Him hold back His Fist, that causes time to be, for mankind must change.  The Father says, ‘It must be.’

All Men of God should see this Message I give to the world.  I am The Son of The Father and I am The Father of The Son, Saint Joseph; and it has been decreed that His Name, His Way, His Place, must be Honored and Revered all over the world by all races, all creeds, all men.

I bless you now with My Heavenly Way, with The Father’s Love, with My Heart, and with the Light of The Holy Ghost, and I say to you, ‘Include daily in your prayers The Sacred Heart, The Immaculate Heart, and The Obedient Heart of Saint Joseph.’  So be it for now.”

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