ON MARCH 10, 1971 AT 3:35 PM


“When The Beloved Joseph and I were exposed to the whims of man, to the hate of man, to the power of man, and it was man that decreed that the Child be slain, Who was born to be King, We were sent out of the place We were in.  The terrible happenings that occurred, the innocent children that were murdered was a horror I cannot tell you of now.  It is happening again through different ways, through different means, for a similar purpose:  to try to destroy The King.

My daughters, if you could see the sin that you walk through, you could not stand the stench that comes from it.  Man is frivolously allowing himself to partake in destruction of men.  As long as it is not he who suffers from the power that is truly weakness, he joins the game, walking a thin line of power among men.

There have been many warnings to mankind, alerting them, from The Divine.  I hold back the Fist of The Beloved Father and I cry to My children, ‘Change, be wise; I do not know how long I can stand Where I am, pleading with The Father to wait for man.’

Man does not say a simple Act of Contrition each day.  He fears if he does, he will have to obey.  Man does not look to The Father for Answers, for Truth, for Love.  He looks wholly to man, who is weak and often governed by self-love.

Stand up for truth, do not deny it.  Do not be weak, for mankind will turn all things into sin and make you think there is good within.  No.  Know, My children, there are many subterfuges, many, many disorders, many, many lies, many, many misinterpretations, many, many sins, being performed, accepted, contributed to, for a moment’s pleasure to satisfy one’s own will, to dignify sin.

The disgrace man should feel within should cause him to change, cause him to think before he sins.  Man has become so accustomed to catering to his self-love that moral value is almost buried in the depths of the ocean, at the deepest point.  Man has turned, not to God, not to the warnings, but to the flesh.  Children are being led down the road to Hell.  They follow in their innocence.  They do not have the courage nor the strength, nor the power, to stand up to what they know in their hearts is wrong.

The Miracle Of Saint Joseph is to straighten out men’s thinking, for children of all ages to be taught Heaven’s Thinking; for children to come as children, not as antagonistic, powerful beings, for no man is powerful in the Eyes of God.  All are children, all are subject to Him, all need Him, all should go to Him, pray to Him, love Him, trust Him, accept Him for the Power He Is.

If one man in the world were to have all the power in the world, he would have nothing in comparison to one touch of God’s Power.  That is how small man is in comparison to The Beloved Father.  Man’s power, man’s idea of power is a distortion of truth, a weakness in many ways, insecurity, lack of assurance, a lack of Faith, a lack of hope, a lack of discretion, a tremendous need for help.

I speak to you firmly on this and I speak to you with a Power from The Divine.  The Rosary must be said by all mankind.  It is the greatest weapon you have.  I want all children to see These Words, to know These Words, to look into These Words.

Every day man should be at the Altar of Love to receive The Holy Eucharist, the Greatest Gift, the Ultimate for mankind to receive.  Tell man to not delay his habit, his practice in performing this act.  It is a privilege to him.  It is God’s Love to him, for him.  Man is not too busy to do this.

Saint Michael must be called upon constantly.  He is ever ready to stand up for The Father, to stand up for truth.  Nothing can back Him down.  The Father has given Him the power to strike out, to wipe out the evil that is all around.

I bless you with My Love.  Please, My children, be obedient to The Father, to The Son in all things, and ask the Light of The Holy Ghost to give you the Way, the Truth, the Hope, the Faith, the Trust.  So be it for now.”

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