ON MARCH 11, 1971 AT 11:15 AM


“A painting in the sky, covering a tremendous area, would cause man to look up, see, and be in awe of what was happening.  The Ten Commandments should be as obvious to every man as if They were written in the sky.  They have been handed down again and again.  They have been taught and They have been allowed to be seen, given to the little ones so they can learn truth from wrong, so they can escape satan’s ways.

Man is not teaching the profoundness, the simplicity, the value of the Ten Commandments.  Man must also teach the meaning of each Commandment so that all will understand each Commandment.  Children look at the Words and desperately try to misinterpret Them, for to accept Them in the Value They are, the Fullness They are, the Truth They are, man will have to change.

I want evident in all homes, all places to be seen by the eye, the Ten Commandments.  Remember this, pass it on.  Let mankind see They are still in effect, still to be seen, still to be obeyed.  There are other areas that must be involved in producing, displaying These Words, and the full meaning of Them.  Let all men see what I want done.  Man has dismissed These Commandments and has allowed frivolous, idiotic weaknesses to take hold.  This Must Stop Now.  So be it.”

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